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What We Provide

  • Alpha One International Human Resource Outsourcing
  • Establish Business in Bahrain
  • Trading & Building Maintenance
Time to grow

Do you own a small company?? Or you cannot afford to hire professional HR personnel nor HR Manager?? Than Alpha One International Human Resource Outsourcing is the best option. By outsourcing these services you will ensures that your company remains professional BUT when you skimp on HR you put yourself and your employees at risk. Alpha One International Human Resource Outsourcing will provide you A to Z HR service and will help you appropriately to establish your strong HR and manage day-to-day HR tasks

Alpha One International Human Resource Outsourcing will provide you a professional HR service with 17 years experience in HR as below would meet and exceed your expectation

  • Implementing company policy
  • Recruitment and Selection– Data Base maintenance, and all legal documentation
  • Managing employees personal files and contracts
  • Probation Evaluation and Performance Appraisals Management system
  • attendance management
  • Payroll plus the input data and leave settlements
  • Maintaining the performance appraisal
  • Assisting the company to major professional associations
  • Disciplinary proceedings and grievance enquiries
  • Maintaining the Training (TNA; calendars preparation)
  • Termination and Resignation formalities – Exit interviews and final settlements
  • Free HR consultant
  • Assisting with the most creative & smart tips for more productivity and create a friendly environment
  • Assisting and attending along with the customer the MOL legal issues
  • Plan and implement the annual calendar of activities including fundraising initiatives, special events and the official administrative

Save your Time & Money

Fire comparison between outsourcing and Hiring Outsourcing Vs Hiring

In House (Hiring) :
  • It might be professional and it might be just an employee with a very basic knowledge
  • monthly salary + transportation + yearly increment + GOSI + work visa + leave salary + tickets++)
  • One person won’t be able to handle all HR tasks together efficiently

Outsourcing :
  • Professional
  • Very cost effective
  • Manage the function more efficiently
  • Free HR consultant
  • Assisting with the most creative & smart tips for more productivity and create a friendly environment

Outsource?? You are at the right bath …

Worried about LMRA or MOL inspection?

No issues at any time With us you will have the employee’s legal smart personal file that is ready for any unexpected visit from neither LMRA nor the MOL

"Bahrain is a reason for business success and a gateway linking the entire Gulf "

Residence permit and investment in Bahrain

No taxes on companies and individuals, lower tariffs, policies and uncomplicated soft, provide a legal regime friendly to the investor.

Doing business in Bahrain offers many advantages; to benefit most delegates the job of company formation to Alpha One International Service Bahrain management consultant team with a proven record of success.

Consider these benefits: No corporate tax in all business sectors. No income tax for employees in all business sectors. No barriers to trade, currency, or foreign exchange.


  • Bahrain will be your base for your coming business in all GCC.
  • You will get two residence permit investor visas in Bahrain valid for 2 years, allow you to move between the all GCC countries.
  • Open your own bank account & banking privacy
  • Apply to other countries visit visas through their embassies
  • One up to 5 people can share this package to get a residence permit investor visas for each.
  • The investor`s family can get dependent visas attached with each residence permit investor visas
  • 100% foreign ownership for some activities
  • 100% no tax
  • Free remittance of profits and capital
  • Own a free holding property
  • Access to top-rated debt history jurisdictions
  • Access to tax treaties
  • Security of property rights
  • Accessing low cost areas
  • Access to foreign insurance and reinsurance
  • Customs and duty exemptions
  • Exchange convertibility
  • Government cooperation

Alpha One International Group will assist you to establish your Business in Bahrain and provide you a Business office in the diplomatic area with below facilities

  • Receptionist service
  • Meeting Room
  • Wi-Fi
  • Office Boy service

What you should know about Bahrain ?

Bahrain, a nation comprising more than 30 islands in the Arabian Gulf, has been at the center of major trade routes since antiquity. In its modern capital, Manama, the acclaimed Bahrain National Museum showcases artifacts from the ancient Delmon civilization that flourished in the region for millennia. The city's thriving Bab al-Bahrain bazaar offers wares ranging from colorful hand-woven fabrics and spices to pearls.

The culture of Bahrain is part of the historical region of Eastern Arabia. Thus, Bahrain's culture is similar to that of its Arab neighbors in the Persian Gulf region. Bahrain is known for its cosmopolitanism, Bahraini citizens are very ethnically diverse and Bahrain hosts people from a variety of places such as India, Pakistan, Iran, Egypt, Malaysia and others. Though the state religion is Islam, the country is tolerant towards other religions; Catholic and Orthodox churches, Hindu temples as well as a (now-defunct) Jewish synagogue are present on the island.

Capital : Manama

Currency: Bahraini dinar

Trading & Building Maintenance

We are in to complete building maintenance work force in Kindgom of Bahrain with effiecient workers. Doing all building maintenance works such as:


All types of building renovation; ceramic & marble flooring, parquet flooring etc., external interlock and paving works.


Internal and external painting – Texer spray, Epoxy paint and multi-color painting


All types of PVC, PPR pipe fitting and layering of external pipeline. All types of sanitary fittings (W/C, Wash-basin, Shower tray, Bath tub, Shower & Wash-basin mixer etc.)


Internal electrival circuits – MSB, MDB work. All types of light fitting & fixing.

Network cabling

Network cable laying termination testing and labeling, cabinet and PDU


Gates, fencing and grills etc…

Carpentry and Aluminum

Windows doors repairing and replacements along with all aluminum and wood related works.

Zydex(India)- Waterproofing Solution

Zydex industries has been developing, creating and providing sustainable eco-friendly chemical technologies for the Agriculture sector, Textiles sector, Roads sector and the Construction sector. We have taken this earth on lease from our future generations. It is our duty to return it to them in livable condition if not better. Prudent use of limiting natural resources and striving for sustainability with a restraint in emissions is the call of the day. R&D is the backbone of Zydex Industries. Innovative approach to Research has enabled Zydex to come up with a range of breakthrough technologies. Zydex Labs benchmark themselves with the best in the World. It is established on 1997 in Vadodara, India

Water has an important role to play in most civil construction like concrete, brick or stone structures. At the same time, prolonged exposure to water almost invariably causes accelerated ageing or damage in some form or the other to these civil structures. Presence of water also provides a conducive environment for microorganism's growth making the substrates look dull and dirty.

Zydex Nanotechnology products for waterproofing offer effective & economical solutions to these problems. The silane products based on innovative adaptation of organo silane chemistry chemically react with the substrate and make them waterproofed. Unlike Paints, the silane products do not form just a coating on the substrate. Rather they penetrate in to the substrate making it inherently waterproofed.

Easy spray application and attractive long term economics makes the value proposition further attractive. Such waterproofed substrates bond well with almost any type of paint applied on them.

Here are some of the important breakthrough technologies by Zydex

  • Nanotechnology Waterproofing for Concrete, Stones, Bricks & all siliceous substrates.
  • Nanotechnology Waterproofing & Stabilized Soil bases
  • Nanotechnology Asphalt additives for Hot & Warm mixes.
  • Nanotechnology Asphalt additives for Bitumen Emulsion
  • PVC Free Water based inks.
  • Water based polyester resin.
  • Anti-Microbial Silanes (Methanol free) for textile.
  • Emulsified Fuel (F.O.) for Efficiency improvement (8-10%).
  • Soil Conditioners for dramatically higher crop yields.
KEIM(Germany)-Mineral Silicate Paint

KEIM mineral silicate paints are a Bavarian invention with their roots deep in the region's heritage. They are synonymous with the technical refinement and high quality also found in other products originating from this area of alps, kings and castles. KEIM paints become an integral part of the surface, whereas organic paints merely form a skin on the surface. This high quality silicate paints system offers performance, durability, protection and color-fastness that is not knowingly surpassed; it is founded on 1878 in Augsburg, Germany.

Potassium silicate has been known since the Middle Ages, when it was termed Liquor Silicium, but was not exploited because of a lack of production know how and end uses. Then in 1768 Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, the prolific German poet, playwright and scholar, commented upon his own experiments, "what most occupied my spirit for a long while was the so called Liquor Silicium which is obtained if pure quartz sand is melted with an adequate proportion of alkali, giving rise to a transparent glass which melts in air yielding a beautiful clear liquid...".

However Goethe was unable to translate his thoughts into any practical uses. The catalyst for Adolf Keim's development work was King Ludwig I of Bavaria. This monarch, who is synonymous with Bavarian fairytale castles, had a great passion for the arts. He longed to have the fine Italian lime fresco work in his own kingdom but the harsh climate north of the Alps destroyed such frescos within a short time. He thus appealed to Bavarian scientists to develop a paint that was of similar appearance to lime frescos but also had much greater durability