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  • KEIM (Germany)
  • Zydex(India)
KEIM(Germany)-Mineral Silicate Paint

KEIM mineral silicate paints are a Bavarian invention with their roots deep in the region's heritage. They are synonymous with the technical refinement and high quality also found in other products originating from this area of alps, kings and castles. KEIM paints become an integral part of the surface, whereas organic paints merely form a skin on the surface. This high quality silicate paints system offers performance, durability, protection and color-fastness that is not knowingly surpassed; it is founded on 1878 in Augsburg, Germany.

Potassium silicate has been known since the Middle Ages, when it was termed Liquor Silicium, but was not exploited because of a lack of production know how and end uses. Then in 1768 Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, the prolific German poet, playwright and scholar, commented upon his own experiments, "what most occupied my spirit for a long while was the so called Liquor Silicium which is obtained if pure quartz sand is melted with an adequate proportion of alkali, giving rise to a transparent glass which melts in air yielding a beautiful clear liquid...".

However Goethe was unable to translate his thoughts into any practical uses. The catalyst for Adolf Keim's development work was King Ludwig I of Bavaria. This monarch, who is synonymous with Bavarian fairytale castles, had a great passion for the arts. He longed to have the fine Italian lime fresco work in his own kingdom but the harsh climate north of the Alps destroyed such frescos within a short time. He thus appealed to Bavarian scientists to develop a paint that was of similar appearance to lime frescos but also had much greater durability

Zydex(India)- Waterproofing Solution

Zydex industries has been developing, creating and providing sustainable eco-friendly chemical technologies for the Agriculture sector, Textiles sector, Roads sector and the Construction sector. We have taken this earth on lease from our future generations. It is our duty to return it to them in livable condition if not better. Prudent use of limiting natural resources and striving for sustainability with a restraint in emissions is the call of the day. R&D is the backbone of Zydex Industries. Innovative approach to Research has enabled Zydex to come up with a range of breakthrough technologies. Zydex Labs benchmark themselves with the best in the World. It is established on 1997 in Vadodara, India

Water has an important role to play in most civil construction like concrete, brick or stone structures. At the same time, prolonged exposure to water almost invariably causes accelerated ageing or damage in some form or the other to these civil structures. Presence of water also provides a conducive environment for microorganism's growth making the substrates look dull and dirty.

Zydex Nanotechnology products for waterproofing offer effective & economical solutions to these problems. The silane products based on innovative adaptation of organo silane chemistry chemically react with the substrate and make them waterproofed. Unlike Paints, the silane products do not form just a coating on the substrate. Rather they penetrate in to the substrate making it inherently waterproofed.

Easy spray application and attractive long term economics makes the value proposition further attractive. Such waterproofed substrates bond well with almost any type of paint applied on them.

Here are some of the important breakthrough technologies by Zydex

  • Nanotechnology Waterproofing for Concrete, Stones, Bricks & all siliceous substrates.
  • Nanotechnology Waterproofing & Stabilized Soil bases
  • Nanotechnology Asphalt additives for Hot & Warm mixes.
  • Nanotechnology Asphalt additives for Bitumen Emulsion
  • PVC Free Water based inks.
  • Water based polyester resin.
  • Anti-Microbial Silanes (Methanol free) for textile.
  • Emulsified Fuel (F.O.) for Efficiency improvement (8-10%).
  • Soil Conditioners for dramatically higher crop yields.