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Alpha One International Group

What We Do

Alpha One International Group is a Single Person Company started business in 2009, at present located in Salmabad Industrial Area, Kingdom of Bahrain.

We provide a total range of Building maintenances services to individual or corporate businesses also having distribution and application of paint and waterproof in Kingdom of Bahrain. Our Goal is to provide our customers with the most efficient service with the highest quality. We look at every customer as a long-term partner, as they grow, we grow with them. We provide our services seven days a week at hours that are suitable to the customers.

Distribution & Application of KEIM

Keim mineral paints are a Bavarian invention with their roots deep in the region's heritage. They are synonymous with the technical refinement and high quality also found in other products originating from this area of alps, kings and castles. KEIM paints become an integral part of the surface, whereas organic paints merely form a skin on the surface. This high quality silicate paint system offers performance, durability, protection and color-fastness that is not knowingly surpassed, it is founded on 1878 in Augsburg, Germany.

Distribution & Application of ZYDEX

Zydex has been developing, creating and providing sustainable eco-friendly chemical technologies for the Agriculture sector, Textiles sector, Roads sector and the Construction sector. We have taken this earth on lease from our future generations. It is our duty to return it to them in livable condition if not better. Prudent use of limiting natural resources and striving for sustainability with a restraint in emissions is the call of the day. R&D is the backbone of Zydex Industries. Innovative approach to Research has enabled Zydex to come up with a range of breakthrough technologies. Zydex Labs benchmark themselves with the best in the World. It is established on 1997 in Vadodara, India.

We provide a wide range of services to our customers
Our goal is to provide customers with the most efficient service

Email: info@alphaoneservice.com

Our Values

We are committed to deliver quality services with comparable rates. We execute the job with assurance of supervision and always maintain high importance on the quality measures of our service. For our team members, we seek to create an environment that ensures growth and in which they are motivated to be innovative.